Dian Nur Hayati

I Am Focused

About Me

Being a driven individual in attaining financial freedom at a young age, Dian decided work as a Bank Executive with DBS Bank Ltd for three years, equipping herself with the knowledge and useful strategies pertaining to successful wealth management. Recently, she has developed an interest to learn more in depth on how she could help the Muslim community in terms of wealth planning from the point of inception to completion.

Upon discovering TAQ Wealth Associates, Dian learnt that it’s possible to remove the stigma in the Muslim community by sharing the benefits with them and giving guidance on achieving their financial goals by analysing the priorities and concerns of her clients.

Dian strives on improving and upgrading her skills so that she can create the best financial portfolio for her clients. Upon meeting different people from all walks of life, she’ll try her best to blend in with her clients so that they’ll feel comfortable in sharing their situation and develop a long-term partnership for years to come.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Hospitality Management
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