Ahmad Fadhuli

I Am Driven

About Me

Fadhuli completed his degree in Business Administration with Specialization in Maritime Transportation Management in NHL University, Holland in 2013. He desired to seek out a fulfilling career that rewards him justly, based on his decision-making capacity, ability and effort.

Determined to make his mark, he joined [TAQWA] shortly. As a wealth associate, he finds it rewarding when he is able to create awareness and heighten the community’s knowledge to make sound and informed financial decisions.

Over the years, he has achieved great things that he thought was not possible. He has garnered opportunities to extensively travel around the world to learn from the best in the industry to provide the best financial advice to his clients.

A firm believer of pursuing for excellence and impact, he aspires to groom and lead his own team in the near future to create a greater ripple effect to the community and the nation at large.

  • Education:
    Diploma In Maritime Transportation Management (Singapore Polytechnic)
    Bachelor In Business Administration Specialization In Maritime Transportation Management (NHL University)

Awards & Achievement

AIA centurion 2018
AIA MDRT Experience Qualifier
Hong Kong 2014, Macau 2015,
Guangzhou 2016
AIA Convention Qualifier
Istanbul 2014, Zurich 2015, London 2016, Los Angeles & Las Vegas 2017, Berlin 2018
AIA Superstar Platinum Member 2014
AIA Superstar Gold Member 2015, 2016
AIA Centurion 2017

AIA Save A Life
Diamond 2014 & 2015, Gold 2016
AIA Million Dollar Round Table 2017

Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source.