Muhammad Faqihuddin

I Am Warm

About Me

Faqihuddin started his first job as a Fire Rescue Officer in Jurong Fire Station, after completing his national service in the Singapore Civil Defence Force. He shows great aptitude for leadership by managing a team of like-minded individuals on a 24-hour shift: with the mission to protect, save lives and property. In the midst of his fire-fighting career, he has met with several financial consultants that has given him great advice about wealth management and protection, which in turn, influenced him to switch his career.

When it comes to finding a career, Faqihuddin always cast his eyes towards anything that lets him do what he loves the most: helping other people. He is motivated to organise his clients to a positive change. He is an enthusiastic problem-solver and understands what is important to his clients.

Faqihuddin is driven to implement his vision of what is best for other people. He promises to be a catalyst for his client’s financial growth because of his ability to see potential in his clients.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences (Republic Polytechnic)

Awards & Achievement

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