Farkhanda Chaundhry

I Am Compassionate

About Me

Anda started out her career as a Social Media & Marketing Executive for Country Gardens upon completion of her diploma in Advertising and Public Relations. However, she was based in Malaysia and still wanted to pursue her degree. Hence she decided to take a gap year after a year to get a better sense of what she was interested in.

During this time, she discovered her passion for beauty and wanted to work on her social media marketing so she decided to do up daily content on her Social Media platforms and after a year of hard work she started a career as a Beauty Influencer.

She stumbled across TAQWA and decided to just take a leap of faith with zero experience in sales or finance. While taking her exams, she understood the importance of her career & after 3 months in TAQWA she found a drive to succeed and impact as many lives as she can.

Her experience in TAQWA groomed her to utilise her strengths and overcome her weaknesses. With guidance from her team, she learns to step out of her comfort zone and aims to be the best version of herself.

Today, she specialises in managing financial portfolios targeted for millennials as she aims to change the mindset of our future generation in regards to the importance of financial planning. She believes that with the right focus and mindset, her clients can achieve financial freedom at an earlier age and focus on their dreams.

In her free time, Anda likes to go for events to socialise and travel to exotic islands as she sees the beauty in immersing herself in something new.

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.