Feroz Khan

I Am Resourceful

About Me

After completing his National Service, Feroz Khan was a Senior Operations Supervisor in leading manufacturing company. Here, he honed his leadership and communication skills in his daily work with a team of industry specialists.

But Feroz was looking for more. He felt that there had to be a bigger purpose in life - one that involved making a difference in the lives of people. Fully aware that he would be taking a risk in leaving his job with a second child on the way, Feroz took a leap of faith and joined TAQWA as an Financial Associate. With proper training and guidance, the risk he took paid off as he thrives in career. Today, he finds fulfilment in his daily work to help his clients be financially secure.

Always on the lookout to upgrade himself, Feroz continues to learn the different skills he can use to help his clients in their financial portfolio. With his approachable personality and genuine understanding, it's no surprise his clients trust him.

As a Financial Services Manager with a growing team under him, Feroz is always willing to share his experience and collaborate with his fellow associates to help in their clients' journey.

This is Feroz Khan. Your Financial Services Manager for life insurance.

  • Education:
    Diploma In Mechatronics (Temasek Polytechnic)

Awards & Achievement

AIA Convention
Athens 2019
AIA Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
AIA Centurion
2018, 2017
AIA MDRT Experience Qualifier
Bangkok 2018
AIA Convention Qualifier
Berlin 2018, Los Angeles & Las Vegas 2017
AIA MDRT Experience Qualifier
Guangzhou 2017
AIA Save A Life
Gold 2016, 2017
AIA Go Clubbers Qualifier
AIA Headstart Qualifier 2016
AIA Million Dollar Club Silver Star
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