Hasif Ruzaiwan

I Am Diplomatic

About Me

During his final years in RMIT, Hasif was introduced to TAQ Wealth Associates. Entering an industry that was extremely dynamic, Hasif wanted to challenge himself, knowing that he would step into uncharted waters as he had no prior sales experience. Since then, Hasif has achieved various accolades and has acquired a vast pool of knowledge in financial instruments to help plan for the minor and major milestones of his clients’ lives.

Establishing himself as a charismatic and approachable individual, Hasif gains trust by imparting financial knowledge to his clients as well as his peers. He treasures the relationship that are forged with his clients along the years.

This industry has taught him many things and he is truly blessed to be given this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of his clients. The people that he meets, experiences that he share and the bond he creates with his clients makes him enjoy the work that he does. Insurance is an intangible promise we set out to our community.

There will always be a degree of skepticism in our community. Yet it is a challenge we face as consultants to change the perception of our society. He continues to challenge himself to greater heights and believes that he can eradicate any misconception of the industry.

  • Education:
    Bachelor In Business Management (Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology)
    Diploma In Interactive Media Design (Temasek Polytechnic)

Awards & Achievement

AIA Save A Life
Platinum 2014 & 2015, Gold 2016 & 2017
AIA Convention Qualifier
Berlin 2018
AIA Go Clubbers Qualifier
AIA Million Dollar Club
Silver 2015 & 2016,
Gold 2014 & 2017
AIA MDRT Experience Qualifier
Macau 2014, Hong Kong 2015,
Guangzhou 2016, Bangkok 2017
The rewards we reap in the future is based on the actions and sacrifices we make in the present.