Muhammad Mafteem

I Am Practical

About Me

Mafteem first began his career as a Supply Chain Auditor upon graduating from his diploma in Supply Chain Management. As stable as it may seem to be an auditor at the age of 26, his livelihood was taken away as he was faced with retrenchment 2 years later.

Due to overwhelming pressure from his financial commitments, Mafteem found employment as a Retail Sports Advisor. Slowly after 1 year, he managed to score a position as a Retail Store Manager due to his strong work ethics and leadership. However so, it was not enough to sustain his financial commitments as how it was as a Supply Chain Auditor and he realized the need to educate the society of financial planning especially to the millennials.

Mafteem took a leap of faith, going into unchartered waters as he finally made the call to his close friend Ahmad Tarmizie who had been reaching out to him to join TAQWA. He then found his true calling of being a financial advisor as it entails educating the Muslim community of financial planning. With the help of training, guidance and his natural personality that is sociable and approachable, he achieved top awards in his first month. He had garnered deep entrepreneurship which maximize his potential and broaden his knowledge. Mafteem realize the success of his future will be the pressure of ensuring that the Muslim Community are addressed with proper financial planning.

At this moment, Mafteem is reaching out to his fellow Muslim Community day by day to engage them on a consultation basis to learn importantly about their health, well-being, sadness or happiness and goals so that he can put easily himself in their shoes and see if there is any area he could be of value in ensuring that they are financially free and achieved their dreams. Mafteem strongly wants to be a part of everyone’s success which starts with a cup of coffee with him.

  • Education:
    Diploma In Supply Chain Management
    Bachelor of Arts Business with Logistics & Supply Chain Management