Munir Mohamed Ariffin

I Am Thoughtful

About Me

Munir started out his career as a Public Service Officer under the umbrella of Ministry of Home Affairs. Despite having a secure and stable job as a civil servant, Munir has been constantly looking at other opportunities and ways in serving and engaging the wider community. He was also looking for something with time flexibility and have the potential earnings that exceeds that of a salaried employee. Undeterred by the fact that he is leaving behind stability in his career, his burning desire to continually upgrade himself led him to find out more about TAQWA.

After about 12 years serving in the public sector, he joined TAQWA in 2018. Inspired by the stories of successful journeys switching from another career to reaching the pinnacle of the finance industry, he saw TAQWA as the perfect avenue to challenge himself and aid in his personal and professional growth. As a former captain of lives, he always believed in mending old ways and instilling good habits in order to achieve success. Having served the public service for slightly over a decade, Munir has attained plenty of good attributes inculcated during his tour of duty there. Honour, integrity and hard work just to name a few.

Just as he took the chance to be a difference maker in the wider community now, give him the chance to make a difference in your financial roadmap and work hand in hand in achieving financial freedom.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Live for today, plan for tomorrow