Nadia Alisa

I Am Empathetic

About Me

Nadia is a fresh grad with a Bachelor in Accountancy. A career in TAQWA as a financial planner resonates with her life values because she started practising financial planning from a young age as she manages her household's taxes, loans and expenses.

She believes that being good at managing your personal life savings alone is not enough because throughout her life she sees the people around her experiencing critical illnesses, disability, accidents and premature death. She realise how someone's life savings can deplete tremendously when an unforseen situation happens if they do not have a proper financial portfolio.

Therefore, Nadia's aim as a financial planner is to educate the newer generation about the importance of having a proper financial portfolio. She also wants to tackle the misconception about how financial planning and insurance is seen as "expensive".

She hopes that her sincerity in this industry will change the lives of many families down the road.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Business Management (Singapore Institute of Management)
    Bachelor in Accountancy (Singapore Institute of Management - RMIT)