Muhamad Nazmi

I Am Cooperative

About Me

Fresh out of National Service, Nazmi was on the job hunt. That was when he was introduced to TAQ Wealth Associates and was inspired by their financial consultants. Determined with a strong desire to seek a fulfilling career, he soon joined the team.

When it comes to a fulfilling career, Nazmi knew that he has the passion to lead his future clients to make a positive change. Nazmi is socially minded, empathetic and altruistic. He believes and shows unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

Nazmi is an optimistic idealist who believes that no complications faced are too big to overcome and that people can reach their full potential. Together with this determination, Nazmi promises to be the catalyst for his client's financial growth by showing his future clients their potential.

  • Education:
    Diploma (NAFA)

Awards & Achievement

Most Valuable Associate
Fall seven times and stand up eight.