Noor’ain Ridzwan

I Am Imaginative

About Me

Noor’Ain was an aspiring scientist and worked as a laboratory technologist after she graduated with her Diploma in Biotechnology. She worked in a specialist treatment centre for cancer patients and it was here that she saw the impact of financial burden on the patients. It was a turning point for her as it triggered her interest to learn more about financial planning and the industry itself as a whole.

She made the decision soon after to leave the healthcare industry and joined TAQWA in 2017.

Upon joining TAQWA, she was groomed to maximise her potential with greater confidence and courage. Determined to make a difference in the community, she is committed to provide valuable insights and ethical strategies to secure her clients’ financial future.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Biotechnology (Temasek Polytechnic)

Awards & Achievement

PLATINUM 2018, Silver 2017
AIA Convention Qualifier
Berlin 2018
AIA Headstart Qualifier
Bangkok 2017
AIA Quickstart Qualifier
Decide . Commit . Succeed