Rudy Hidayat

I Am Frank

About Me

Fresh out of graduation with little to no experience in the financial industry, Rudy decided to take a leap of faith and joined TAQWA as a financial consultant. Even though he was overwhelmed by the steep learning curve, he ultimately found comfort in knowing that he is able to use his expertise in helping the community achieve a better understanding regarding proper financial calling.

Apart from the privilege of helping the community, Rudy also realised his dream of achieving work life flexibility and he recognition received based on his own hard work.

Equipped with the knowledge he has learned throughout his course of studies coupled by his own personal experiences, Rudy aims to be the go-to consultant when it comes to proper financial advice.

Rudy joined taqwa straight out of graduation. He previously interned in banks and government agencies before he decided that he wanted a job that is less desk bound, gives him the opportunity to interact with new people and be compensated based on the amount of hard work he puts in.

Rudy studied personal finance when he was in polytechnic and found that it is important for his family to properly plan out their finances and to have a professional financial portfolio in place to achieve financial freedom and plan for rainy days.

From there, he became more interested in wealth management and to help other families do the same and that is where he found taqwa.

Rudy is meticulous and service oriented and always go the extra mile for his clients to ensure that they are well taken care of and that their financial portfolios are aligned with their major and minor milestones.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Banking & Financial Services
    BSc Mathematics & Economics with Honours (2nd Upper Division)