Muhammad Saufy

I Am Spirited

About Me

Just like the chilli padi, Saufy may be small but he packs a punch. An altruist by nature, he had always known that whatever career he embarks on, it has to be something that creates a positive impact in lives, adds value to society and is in line with his moral principles.

Saufy graduated from NTU Sport Science Management and chanced upon TAQWA while searching for a full time job. Curiousity led him to find out more about what the job entails. Though it may seem like a huge jump from what he had studied previously, he felt like the job spoke to him on a deeper level. Growing up, he had always believed in being savvy in managing his finances. He knew that if he was equipped with the proper tools and knowledge in wealth management, he could have the power to create a positive impact to the community. So he took a leap of faith and joined the TAQWA Family.

Though daunting at first, leaping into an unfamiliar industry with hardly any relevant experience, Saufy was spurred on by the mentorship programme in place and the conducive learning environment aiding in his personal growth. A resourceful hustler with a constant desire to help others, Saufy constantly puts the needs of individuals at paramount importance. Experiencing first hand the impact of his work and how he managed to help individuals protect what matters to them, fuels him to go further in sharing his knowledge in financial literacy to impact as many lives as possible.

His time at TAQWA has been extremely rewarding so far, and every person he meets and every life he impacts, it only reassures him that this is where he is meant to be. At the end of the day, to Saufy, this is more than just a job - it is a calling. One that he’s glad he picked up. So now, it’s your turn to pick up his call!

  • Education:
    BSC Sports Science and Management with Honours (Second Upper)
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