Sharil Jainan

I Am Jovial

About Me

Sharil graduated in 2015 with a diploma in Biomedical Science and after completing his National Service in 2017, he was hoping to land a job in regards to his diploma.

After trying for a year, he decided to try something new and thats when he found TAQWA. It was a huge change in direction causing many of his loved ones to be worried and his peers even told him they will not support this change. But with a positive mindset, he continued to embark on this new journey and disregard any negativity.

Over the months, he realised how much his job value adds someone’s life. He is grateful for TAQWA for giving him an opportunity to experience success and growth as a person. He is inspired by his team’s dedication to work hard and their commitment to give 100% to ensure their clients are taken care of.

Now, Sharil has groomed to be one of Taqwa’s confident advisors and he influences his colleagues to always believe in their strengths and maximize their potential.

He wishes to make a difference to his community by helping them take charge of their own future by assisting them in kick starting their financial portfolios.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Biomedical Science
What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows