Muhammad Shukri

I Am Diligent

About Me

Shukri extended his service as a Army Regular in Tekong, after completion of his national service. He shows great aptitude for leadership by inspiring Soldiers under his care to take charge and have pride in the work that they do.

Despite doing well, he wanted more from life and was constantly seeking new opportunities to challenge himself to make a difference.

He met a close friend who was working as a financial consultant and was introduced to Taqwa. Upon understanding how it helps the community, he aims to make a difference and influence change and the mindset of his community.

The dream to change and touch lives kept him driven and determined that one day he will make a difference to his community. Shukri focuses on understanding his clients priorities and needs before anything else. Nothing is more important to Shukri than fostering a long term relationship with his clients.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Aerospace Avionics (Republic Polytechnic)
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