Syafiq Abdullah

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About Me

In the final year of completing his Bachelor of Business Studies from RMIT, Muhammad Syafiq was introduced to TAQ Wealth Associates in 2014. He was highly inclined in pursuing a career that not only offered flexibility in working hours but one where he was also directly rewarded for his hard work.

This career gave Syafiq the opportunity to help the community in making sound decisions for their financial, health and retirement plans while minimising debt obligations during their golden years. Moreover, it has also given him the privilege of expanding his societal knowledge and further honed his communication and life skills, something that he truly believes will guide him to further excel in any domain.

Syafiq continues to invest his time and effort into his work which allowed him to forge closer ties with those around him and also lend a hand to those in dire situations, making his profession all the more a rewarding one. The love and support that he has received from his family, friends and clients further strengthened his determination and resolution to keep on excelling in his field.

With a promising financial career ahead of him, Syafiq always strive towards newer heights that continually supersede any expectations he has set for himself.

  • Education:
    Bachelor of Business Management (RMIT)
    Diploma in Accountancy & Finance (NYP)

Awards & Achievement

AIA Save A Life
Bronze 2015 & 2017, Silver 2016
AIA Million Dollar Club
Silver 2017
AIA Rising Star
2015, 2016

AIA MDRT Experience
Hong Kong 2015

AIA GO Cubbers Qualifier
A year from now you may wish you had started today.