Afiq Zayany

I Am Gregarious

About Me

After ORD in the mid of 2018 , Zayany went out to look for a fulfiling career that matches his needs for challenge and sense of fulfilment. While in search and figuring out what Zayany wants to do as a career, he was working as a Operations supervisor for an event company. He was looking for a career that rewards one based on their effort and hard work.

Zayany went for various interviews and explored all his options. He narrowed down and decided that a career as a financial advisor was the most suited to him. After going for a few interviews at other agencies and company, he decided to join Taqwa. What attracted him most was the bonding that the employee have in the agency was as close as you can get to a family. He sees that the leaders there will go an extra mile to ensure that the new advisors are well equipped to take on whatever challenge lies ahead.

Joining TAQWA has changed the course of Zayany's life. TAQWA has given Zayany the opportunity to soar and reach new heights. Under the guidance his mentor, Zayany is now more focused and determined to work harder to achieve his life goals.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started