We love what we do,
it's a way of life.

Why Join Us

Established in 2013, TAQ Wealth Associates grew from a humble team of 4 people to a strength of 50 associates to date. We are now one of the most reputable firm in the market and we take tremendous pride in the services we provide.

Associates that wish to embark in this journey with us will be put through a 4 months mentorship programme that will educate them on the ropes of financial planning. We provide financing schemes for those that wish to take the leap from a mid-career switch as well as on-the-job training.

Opportunity will always be present for those who wish to take a chance and grab it. Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith.

Together everyone achieves more

Our cohesive team of associates builds upon a strong camaraderie of good friendship and loyalty. We believe in achieving aspirations together with every strength of our will to impart our passion and services. Nurturing trust and righteousness is essential in bridging trust and building dreams for our society.

Associates will be put through a structured training program to learn the ropes of financial planning. Under the mentorship program, managers and experience associates will help new associates understand their role better and also to efficiently handle different situations during their appointments. We have a replicable and transferrable system that allows each member to learn faster and perform to his or her full potential.
We understand that time is precious. In a normal 9 to 5 working environment, things like seeing your child’s first day at school or your wife pregnancy check up can be rather hard to accommodate. Like any business structure, we control our own schedule for the week. Time flexibility is a luxury that we can take.
We believe that healthy competition is important in any working environment. Rewards will be given for all our associates for their exceptional performance.
Incentive trips will be given to those who achieve their targets. The trips will vary in each year. In the past, our associates have went to countries such as Istanbul, Los Angeles and London to just name a few.
Transitioning from an industry to another can be quite a daunting feat. Here at TAQWA, we will personally mentor all the junior associates. Even with no prior knowledge about the finance industry, our systematic training system will align you to succeed in such an environment. .
Here in TAQWA we inculcate an entrepreneurship mindset. The sky is truly the limit as there are limitless opportunity to venture in the finance industry. We do not have any bosses, only mentors. .
We always believe that the more you give the more you’ll get. There are others that are living a life that is less fortunate than we are. TAQWA is always active in giving back to the community. .
Here in TAQWA, we aren't bound by any income ceiling. The remuneration is determined by the hard work you put in. We understand that it can be rather frustrating that you are not recognized for the efforts in a normal corporate structure. Plus we even offer financing schemes for new associates in the first year. .
We only have one life to live. At times we come across an opportunity and ponder on the many different reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t. Our mind is the biggest mental barrier to achieving great things. So why not take the leap of faith? You will never know what is in store for you until you try.
Inspirational Stories
Opportunity will always be present for those who wish to take a chance and grab it. Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith.
Qayyim Isa - TAQWA Director / Founder


AIA Financial Services Consultant

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• Minimum 21 years old and above
• Minimum 'A' Level, Diploma or Degree Holder
• Possess good interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities
• Committed, driven and eager to succeed


• Quarterly Bonus
• 15% to 20% Average Annual Increment
• Travel Opportunities
• Work Life Balance
• Excellent Career Path into Management