Qayyim Isa

I Am Visionary

About Me

Qayyim began his career as an Assistant Process Engineer. The rigid 12-hour rotating shift and the inflexible working hours became monotonous to him. In search of a career that will match his personality while offering him a sense of satisfaction, Qayyim started venturing beyond his comfort zone in the pursuit of seeking a work-life balance.

In 2009, Qayyim embarked on his new career as a Financial Services Consultant with AIA. The flexibility of this current job gave him more time for social and personal development while being directly rewarded for his work performance.

This career has equipped him with the relevant knowledge and skills that has unleashed his talent to be able to help the financial situation of the community- making this profession all the more a fulfilling journey. Qayyim feels that his role is more than just a job; it is an opportunity for him to reach out to many lives and to protect the rights and obligations of many individuals. To him, it is not just a job; It is a career that has enabled him to find himself, by losing himself in the service of others.

4 years into his career, Qayyim was promoted to Financial Services Manager where he helmed the responsibility of recruiting, grooming and leading an ever-expanding team of dedicated consultants. His take to leadership is the vital component of creating a dynamic team filled with camaraderie as he believes that team cohesion is a distinguishing characteristic of a high-performance team.

As a leader, Qayyim identifies the strength and weaknesses of the different consultants while maximizing their potential and honing their skills. Thus, while Qayyim aspire to propel the team to greater heights, he ensures that no one in the team is being robbed of the opportunity to excel despite their differences. Qayyim sees every consultant as an asset to the team.

As an individual who believes in creating a holistic working environment, Qayyim ensuresthat his team is rewarded for their hard work. Dedication to their careers alongside an all-rounded experience is one of Qayyim’s strategy for a vibrant and inclusive team. He believes that this positive synergy within the team is the ultimate catalyst for success.

Furthermore, Qayyim has designed a transferable and replicable system that has enabled the consultants to learn quickly and grow exponentially to reach their fullest potential. A visionary and ambitious leader, Qayyim yearns to groom more associates to excel in this career, in the pursuit of materializing his vision of bringing TAQWA to greater heights.

  • Education:
    Diploma in Electronics Engineering (Republic Polytechnic)

Awards & Achievement

MDRT Agency
MDRT District
2018, 2019
AIA Shining Star
AIA 50 Lives Club
2012 & 2013
AIA Pinnacle Club
2016, 2017, 2018
AIA Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) 2018 Agency
AIA Superstar
Gold 2013, Platinum 2012
AIA Million Dollar Club
2011, Gold 2015 & 2016, Platinum 2014
AIA Career Agent Benefit
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Singapore Management Award (SMA)
Silver 2016, 2017
AIA MDRT Experience Qualifier
Macau 2014, Hong Kong 2015,
Guangzhou 2016, Bangkok 2017

AIA Convention Qualifier
Tokyo 2010, Rome 2011, Melbourne 2012, Istanbul 2014, Zurich 2015, London 2016, Los Angeles & Las Vegas 2017, Berlin 2018
True Value of an individual is not the value that he earns But is the value of people he has already help.